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6 Benefits of Taking New Zealand Propolis

Once considered a folk medicine, the scientific evidence for the health benefits of propolis is driving a renewed interest in this amazing substance and promoting it to become a mainstream natural remedy.

It is particularly popular in Europe, Brazil and Asia, where it is widely known as a food supplement.

Benefit № 1: New Zealand Propolis Contains CAPE with anti-inflammatory properties.

Propolis research discovers its effective anti-inflammatory properties are attributed primarily the presence of CAPE (caffeic acid phenyl ethyl ester). CAPE is a flavonoid. It acts to inhibit the activity of enzymes which cause capillaries to leak blood into the surrounding tissue, hence reducing levels of inflammation in the body.

Benefit № 2: New Zealand Propolis can help with antibiotic – resistant bacteria.

This is primarily due to Propolis’ ability to inhibit the growth of biofilm. Biofilm is a protective shield that bacteria develops to multiply more easily. Propolis prevents biofilm from forming, enabling the body to more effectively combat the infection. This is particularly effective when treating an infection with antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance has become a major health threat, but when paired with propolis antibiotics which have become ineffective, begin to work again. This is an area of research scientists are particularly interested in – there is a believe New Zealand propolis holds the key to preventing the continued rise in drug-resistant bacteria.

Benefit № 3: New Zealand Propolis is Anti-allergen

CAPE (caffeic acid phenyl ethyl ester) in synergy with other compounds in New Zealand Propolis gives it cyto-protective and anti-histamine properties. Skin conditions can sometimes flare-up due to allergic reactions. Eczema, for example, is thought to be caused by exposure to allergens. New Zealand propolis helps the body by protecting cells from the acids which seek to break into the cells, causing damage and inflammation.

Benefit № 4: Synergy of CAPE and other elements in New Zealand propolis matrix makes it 600 times more bioavailable*

When something is “Bioavailable” – it means it can be absorbed and used by the body, instead of just going in and out. Taking New Zealand propolis known to contain the highest total level of 5 major flavonoids you can be confident it works in your body.

*according to Professor Hiroshi Maruta

Source: S. Kumazawa et al. / Food Chemistry 84 (2004) 329–339

Benefit № 5: New Zealand Propolis is Propolis is Anti-Viral

A synergy between Galangin, Kaempferol and Chrysin compounds in New Zealand Propolis have been shown to act as an immuno-stimulants, prompting the body to produce more antibodies which help defend it against infection. Viruses cannot generally be treated by antibiotics or other types of drugs, therefore we heavily rely on body’s defence systems to fight off viruses.

Benefit № 6: New Zealand Propolis is Adaptogenic

Adaptogens are known to not only

help the body deal with stress more effectively, but they may also help increase quality of life, improve longevity and protect neurological health. New Zealand propolis – a record holder for flavonoid content. They work in synergy balancing immune system and hormones, promoting cognitive function, working as a great scavenging free radicals.

How to Take Propolis

If you’re looking to take propolis regularly for general well-being or to treat a chronic condition we would recommend Propolis Capsules.

Each capsule contains a high dose (72mg) of Pure New Zealand Propolis ,

providing 70mg of bioactives per daily does (2 capsules).

These capsules also use flaxseed oil as a base (healthier alternative to soybean). They are relatively small and easy to swallow.

Taking propolis in this form also avoids the strong taste of the liquid product.

Propolis Liquid is a more versatile product.

It can be used topically to treat wounds or skin conditions, to disinfect cuts and scratches.

The propolis liquid is easily dispensed with the pipettes included in each bottle.

For skin conditions such as eczema, we would recommend adding a drop to any face cream and applying on to the effected area.

To give your daily oral hygiene routine a boost we’d recommend adding a drop to your toothpaste easily turning it in to a Propolis Toothpaste.

For an immediate help with tingly or sore throat apply a few drops directly in to the throat or under the tongue. For a milder taste you can mix it with some honey right before consumption.

Alternatively, for an oral health and hygiene we have Propolis and Manuka Honey Mouth Spray – an easy to carry compact travel partner.

We have packed it with 20% Manuka Honey and 8% New Zealand Propolis along with other goodness to keep your mouth fresh, healthy and protected.

Once you start using New Zealand Propolis - this wonderful natural product you will surely discover more off-label uses and ways to integrate it in to your daily health care.

At Helena Health we use 100% New Zealand produced propolis in all our products. You can further read here what makes New Zealand Propolis so special .

Always look for the content and origin of propolis in propolis products as not all propolis is the same.


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