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Helena Health was originally inspired by the story of Helena Bay. Now, we’re working hard to unlock and share the health secrets of natural New Zealand.

 The story of New Zealand’s  Helena Bay

On the south-east coast of New Zealand’s Northland – a forested New Zealand region a little above Auckland and framed by the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Tasman Sea to the west – lies the unassuming settlement of Helena Bay. 


Maori were the Bay’s first settlers, as Helena’s Bay’s 5 remaining Pā sites testify. The Bay was welcoming to Maori people: the nearby ocean housed plenty of fish, the fertile land was filled with kumara (sweet potatoes) and the rugged, forest-fringed outskirts provided a natural defense against threats. Early Maori christened the Bay Mimiha, a word used to describe a small, black fish.


However, the Bay didn’t remain Mimiha for long, thanks largely to the arrival of Helena Hutchison. Helena was one of the first European settlers in New Zealand. Unlike other early settlers, Helena was a kind woman who worked in kinship with local Maori, enriching the community through teaching and nursing. As a mark of their deep respect for Helena, Maori renamed the Bay after Mrs Hutchison. ‘Mimiha’ became Helena Bay.

Helena Health combine nature with science

Inspired by Helena Bay’s history, at Helena Health, we’re working to repeat it.


Just like early Maori, we accept with gratitude natural New Zealand’s gifts. Just like Helena Hutchison, we use science to support and advance health and wellness.


 Unlocking the benefits of  natural New Zealand

At Helena Health, we use natural New Zealand’s bioactive gifts to create unique, innovative and 100% natural products that would otherwise never come to light. Specifically, we focus on unlocking the benefits of New Zealand bees' natural gifts. 


Our range of bee products includes genuine Manuka honey and pure New Zealand propolis. Everything we source is a sustainable gift from New Zealand’s natural environment.


 New Zealand’s environment 

is unlike any other

Here you’ll find idyllic golden beaches like that of Helena Bay. But just a stone’s throw away, ancient forests tower. The forests in Helena Bay consume an immense 50,000 tons of carbon every year: Helena Bay is heavily carbon negative. 


Venture further afield and you’ll find geothermal geysers, bubbling mud pools, whitewater rivers and lakes that stretch further than the eye can see – with depths humans have yet been unable to measure.


New Zealand’s vineyards are today unmissable; dappled around both our north and south islands are some of the world’s most famous winemaking regions. Active volcanoes, icy peaks, sandstone cliffs, cavernous fjords, plentiful sunshine, heavy rains; New Zealand has it all. It’s here that, over millions of years, our flora and fauna have adapted to thrive in an ever-changing and at times harsh environment. That’s what makes natural New Zealand products exceptional, and why all our products are sourced and produced right here in New Zealand.

 Everything we do is  grounded in science

Nature can be life-affirming. But it can also be treacherous. That’s where our scientific focus comes in.

At Helena Health, we’re not content to believe stories without data. We use scientific analyses to test and verify the properties of all our natural products.

We believe our scientific focus sets us apart. As well as making New Zealand’s natural gifts available to all, we’re also discovering more and more of them through our scientific research. 

In recent years, society has come to accept nature isn’t something we can plunder without consequence. So at Helena Health, we’re combining nature with science to – sustainably – unlock the health benefits of natural New Zealand.

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