Our Purpose

We use science to develop natural products with remarkable properties, sharing natural New Zealand’s gifts with the wider world.

 New Zealand under the  microscope

We source all our natural ingredients from our home country of New Zealand, and it’s New Zealand’s flora that we put under the microscope. There’s a reason for this: New Zealand’s natural environment is unique. Icy peaks, steaming volcanoes, thundering waterfalls, ancient forests; New Zealand has it all. Our native flora and fauna have adapted over millions of years to survive on a remote and unforgiving island. Along the way, our plants and trees have learned to protect themself from disease and harm through things like the protective natural resins that coat their bark and leaves. 


Some of New Zealand’s natural gifts are beneficial to humans. At Helena Health, we take only what beneficial from nature and investigate what nature offers. Our research informs our product range, allowing us to share the best of New Zealand’s unique natural gifts with the world.

 We investigate nature 

Nature is full of natural gifts that supplement our health and nurture our wellbeing. 


Some of nature's gifts have proven health properties. Others do not. 


At Helena Health, we investigate and develop innovative products made from natural ingredients sourced and produced in New Zealand. This helps us discover and identify the best natural ingredients in existence. We aim to share them with the world.

 The science continues 

Scientists have studied the health and wellness benefits of certain natural products for years, and have made some startling discoveries. 


We know through scientific studies that certain natural compounds can support the prevention of diseases, fight viruses, combat aging, grant us energy, boost our mood and even lower our risk of devastating illnesses. We’ve learned so much already. But we’ve only just scratched the surface. 


At Helena Health, we’ve been studying bee products for years, learning and discovering their secrets.


Today, we continue to investigate the life-enriching properties of not just bee products but other natural, native New Zealand compounds. We use what we learn to create unique and innovative products gifted by nature and proven by science.

 Our vision 

Our vision is to lead the world with natural bioactive solutions for human health. 


What we do starts with your health and wellness. We want to help you feel a little healthier, a little better, a little more energetic, more alert and alive. 


We aim to do so by designing products made with natural ingredients that support your health and wellness. And that means scientific investigation.


We use scientific investigations to advance what we know about the health-affirming properties of the natural environment. In doing so, we aim not just to follow, but to lead.

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