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Our Promise

We promise to offer outstanding natural products, to actively introduce new products and to always seek to improve everything we do.

 Our promise to health 

We exist to support your health and wellness. We’ll always safeguard your health and, as part of that, be open and transparent with our labelling.
We’ll use scientific research and studies to verify our products’ properties, and we’ll take care to publicise ongoing scientific research, educating people about what our natural products can do.

 Our promise to the environment

To achieve our goals, we promise to operate with a deep respect for nature and our natural environment. We only ever take from nature what we’re offered; nothing more. We’re committed to supporting and regenerating our environment. We promise to operate sustainably, always seeking to improve the world in which we live for future generations.

 Our promise over conduct 

In a more general sense, we promise to act honestly and with integrity at all times throughout everything we do. After spending so long in the industry, we know rogues exist, as does consumer confusion. 
We promise we’ll always aim to be honest and clear, giving people the confidence they need when shopping for manuka-based products, genuine New Zealand propolis and other natural health solutions.

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