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  • Raw Kanuka Honey with crisp, aromatic butterscotch flavours.
  • Harvested and Packed in New Zealand.

Kanua Honey is a lovely honey with a silky, light, sweet floral taste with hint of butterscotch and is a New Zealand natural product.


Kanuka Honey is a more cost affective alternative to Manuka Honey, especially if one is planning to use this as a face mask or for other topical applications.


Kanuka Honey – One of New Zealand’s Best-Kept Secrets!

Like Manuka, Kanuka honey is a member of the myrtle family shrub found all over New Zealand. The two plants look fairly similar.

Kanuka honey is made by the bees that have collected nectar from  Kānuka tree (little brother of Manuka Tree).


Research suggests that antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of Kanuka come from it