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Helena Health was originally inspired by the story of Helena Bay. Now, we’re working hard to unlock and share the health secrets of natural New Zealand.

New Zealand

Manuka Honey


Manuka honey is a unique New Zealand honey with remarkable health benefits. It is produced by bees from the nectar of a plant leptospermum scoparium, more commonly known as manuka.


New Zealand Manuka honey contains astonishingly high levels of the organic compound methylglyoxal, or MGO.

Everyday honey might have MGO concentrations of

2-5mg/kg. By contrast, Manuka honey MGO concentrations can reach as high as 1000mg/kg.


MGO explains a significant proportion of Manuka honey’s unique properties, and it’s MGO that makes Manuka honey so remarkable.

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Manuka honey


The complex properties of New Zealand Manuka honey are attracting the interest of researchers from all over the world. At Helena Health, we’re committed to discovering, publicising and sharing the results of these studies of genuine Manuka honey cultivated right here in our beautiful country of Aotearoa New Zealand.


The MGO levels of

Manuka honey

Manuka honeys vary. When choosing a honey for health benefits, ensure the honey contains MGO levels higher than 100mg/kg.

At Helena Health, we print the MGO concentrations of Manuka honey on our jars. The MGO levels correspond to the MGO concentration of the honey inside. An MGO of 400, for example, means a Manuka honey contains at least 400mg of MGO per kilo. 


Harvested, packed, tested & certified in New Zealand

Helena Health honey is produced and collected from our own bee-hives, located in remote pristine areas of New Zealand.


Helena Health is strictly following rigorous testing, certification and regulatory standards introduced by New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to ensure manuka honey harvested, packed, tested and certified in New Zealand is genuine manuka honey.

Traceable origins 

Honeys with traceable origins typically include batch numbers on every jar – like every jar of Helena Health honey.


You can use a honey’s batch numbers to trace the honey back to its true origin, which is independently verified, thus proving the genuine origin of any jar of honey – Manuka or otherwise.

What are you using

the honey for? 

Today, many consumers use Manuka honey as a health supplement to support their wellbeing. Because it’s both scarce and unique, it’s usually pricier than everyday honey.


If you’re using a honey to support your immune system, fitness regime or for a related purpose, you may benefit from a high MGO Manuka honey. This table should help.


 Shop our products 

Buy from our range of Manuka Honey and bee products, delivered directly from New Zealand to your door.