Digestive Aid Powder


Product Information

A 100% natural supplement with New Zealand Kiwifruit, Manuka Honey (MGO400+) and Glutamine. This digestive aid powder is designed to promote and support digestive and gut health as well as  providing immune support for your pet.

​        Product Benefits

  • Glutamine Amino Acid 
    Supports gut health and function. It is a building block of protein and critical part of the immune system. Glutamine has a positive impact on sustaining the balance of the gut microbiome; it increases the expression of tight junction proteins and the integrity of the intestinal lining, and it helps to minimize the inflammatory response in situations of gut mucosal irritation.

  • Kiwifruit powder (NZ) Actinidin in kiwifruit can help improve digestive health by breaking down proteins and improving functions at both the gastric and intestinal levels. Fibre in kiwifruit is made up of pectins, hemicelluloses and celluloses, which give it unique properties, such as the ability to retain water and form gels. It can have a significant effect on digestion.

  • MGO 400+ Manuka Honey balances the bad bacteria in gut to soothe digestion, help prevent infections and build immunity.

  • A combination of other ingredients help to increase the sense of fullness, the frequency of bowel movements, reducing the sensation of bloatedness and the time of intestinal transit.

​       How to give 

  • Give 1/2 a tsp per serve, once a day 

  • Sprinkle the powder and mix into wet food (wet food is ideal but can be used with dry food also). 

  • Make sure water is accessible

​       The product is ideal for

  • For dogs and cats over the age
    of six weeks.

  • For cats and dogs prone to digestive health problems

  • For pets with appetite issues

  • For pets with digestive issues


Glutamine, Psyllium, New Zealand Kiwifruit powder, Manuka Honey Powder (MGO 400+), Aloe leaf powder, Yeast Extract


Made in New Zealand
   using  local Green Kiwi fruit powder and MGO 400+ Manuka Honey

Actinidin is a natural enzyme found in kiwifruit, which breaks down a wide range of food proteins more completely and faster than our natural digestive enzymes can do on their own.


Our Pet Product Principles 

Respect for the animal's essence

Care and affection without humanisation

Products that naturally support animal's health

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